Versatile John Deere Tractors

It’s time for you to join millions of other people worldwide by purchasing a tractor that simply can’t be beat. John Deere tractors lead the pack in providing excellent service and outstanding durability. These fine tractors carry the name of a well recognized leader in all types of farming equipment. When you think of tractors, you likely will visualize a beautiful green and yellow “working” machine driven by a person in a green and yellow cap! These colors speak for themselves – John Deere can’t be beat for excellence!

No matter what kind of tractor you want, you will be able to find a John Deere to suit you. The company has a diverse selection of tractors that will satisfy any farming operation or personal application. They have low power tractors (18 horsepower) all the way up to the large 530 horsepower machines. Any tractor you purchase from John Deere & Company will be dependable, durable, easy to use and superior to any other tractor on the market.

People who live in places that experience freezing weather often select a tractor from John Deere to help them remove heavy snow and ice accumulations. Snow removal is much easier if the equipment used can move it quickly and successfully. A John Deere utility tractor will do this job for you, with very little manual labor on your part. This fine tractor comes in several different horse powers, many drive configurations and with a comfortable and warm cab. It won’t matter what the weather conditions are – John Deere will be there for you! You can even add other snow removal devices such as blowers, blades and pushers to make the job even easier for you. This tractor is perfect for keeping your roads and driveways safe even during the coldest, most miserable weather.

John Deere tractors are the perfect way to keep your property looking lovely throughout the entire year. Use them during the spring to cultivate your land for the garden you will be planting. Use them in the summer to mow your lawn or harvest grains. Bring them out during the fall to help clean up leaves or attach a trailer for a Thanksgiving hayride! And, of course, use them to remove as much snow as necessary to make your property inviting and “warm” for the holidays!

Used John Deere Tractors Can’t Be Beat!

One of the most famous and recognized names in farm equipment is John Deere. This excellent and long-running company provides the very best in all types of machinery for today’s farms. There is nothing quite as satisfying as wearing a yellow and green John Deere hat (which is recognized everywhere!) Anyone with or without knowledge about this fine farm equipment company knows that a John Deere tractor is one of the best around. Used John Deere tractors can’t be beat for quality, service and overall satisfaction. The company takes pride in it’s commitment for excellence and in its durable products. .

John Deere was a blacksmith by trade and he invented the very first steel plow over 170 years ago in the Midwest section of America. Soon he became a manufacturer of plows and other innovative farm equipment such as grain drills. About this time, the railroad was built and provided an excellent way for him to distribute his products out west as far as California. John Deere decides to become a retailer and starts to grow his business by adding sixteen employees. These employees worked together and produced plows that were initially called Deere, Tate and Gould. His very first plows sold for about $9.00, with high-end models going for a much as $23.00!

Up until 1858, John Deere’s company did quite well. However, the nation was going through some very tough economic times in 1858 and the company suffered along with many other businesses. John Deere stepped down as president of the company and management was passed along to Charles Deere, who continued to run the company until 1908. During the next decades, the John Deere Company faced some very difficult times because of competition from the Ford Motor Company and others. The great depression in the 1930’s certainly didn’t help either. But even during this time, the company continued to work on product development and added more innovative tractors to its line of farm products.

Today Deer & Company (as it’s now known) continues to lead the world in tractor sales and service. High quality used John Deere tractors are abundantly available and easy to find because they have been proven to last over time. It is definitely worth your while to go with the “green and Yellow” and buy a used John Deere today! .

Used Farm Machinery At Auction

One way to find used farm machinery is at a specialized farm auction. Many different kinds of farm equipment are available and at the end go to the highest bidder. All auctions are different and they can include time limits, minimum or maximum bids, and special sales prices. You may be bidding against other bidders in the same room or you might be bidding from some off-site location. You might not know who you are bidding against or what their bidding actions are. Once you have bid on a piece of farm machinery, you will wait to see if anyone outbids you. If not, then you will pay the price you bid. The seller generally pays any commission fees due to the auctioneer.

Auctions, in general, have quite a history. They weren’t really popular until after the seventeenth century, although there were auctions held as early as 500 B.C. The oldest recorded auction house is in Stockholm, Sweden. Today there are many auctions held over the internet, which opens up bidding opportunities to many buyers.

These websites often list upcoming farm equipment auctions by state, date and auction site. They also include information about the farm machinery that will be offered so that you can decide if it is something you might want to bid on. You can also compare prices ahead of time so that you get an approximate price range in which you’re willing to bid. Some auctions are actually held over the internet and you won’t even have to leave your house!

Farm machinery auctions are great places to find unique items that you might not even be aware of. You also might find prices that are much more affordable than if you were to purchase a new item or a used item from a private party. You will find tractors, plows, dozers, mowers, cultivators, planters, sprayers, balers, backhoes, carts, reapers, etc. etc. etc! There is no end to the list of what you might find in the way of used farm machinery at a auction near you or via the internet. It is a fun and profitable way to add unique and usable equipment to your farm equipment inventory.

The Truth About Used Farm Tractors

Before you invest in a used tractor, there are some important things for you to know about tractors in general. Used farm tractors are readily available and you need to be fully aware of certain facts before you actually purchase one. Used tractors can be found in all shapes and sizes. Your job is to find one that suits your lifestyle and is compatible with your budget. You need to be completely clear about what you want and need before you take steps to make your final purchase.

You’ll need to decide whether you will be using your tractor to actually work your acreage or if you simply want an older tractor to restore at your leisure. If you spend hour upon hour getting your tractor in prime condition, you likely won’t want to use it to plow your fields. On the other hand, a working tractor doesn’t need to be beautiful to get the job done. Doing a lot of research before you buy will save you a lot of money and time in the long run. Restoring an old tractor will require a lot of upfront costs for paints and specialty parts. A working tractor may cost you more initially because it may already be equipped with up-to-date accessories and parts.

When you buy your tractor, there are certain important things you should look at. If your purpose is to simply restore it, then make sure it is a collectible item that may increase in value over the next few years. If you are planning on using your tractor to work your acreage, then evaluate the horsepower you need and take a close look at the hitching systems that are included. Look at brands and models that have a good track record. Read reviews from past and present owners of known tractor brands.

Buying used farm tractors can be enjoyable if you are prepared and have doneyou’re your necessary research. If you are specifically looking for a working tractor, then look at your land and make sure what you buy can handle the terrain. Determine what implements are included with the tractor and estimate what it will cost you to buy additional parts. If you are looking primarily for restoration value in a tractor, then make sure that the one you buy won’t cost you a fortune to return it to its original condition. In any case, your used tractor should be mechanically sound with no major flaws.

Purchasing A Yanmar Tractor

Don’t wait another minute to buy a wonderful Yanmar tractor! This amazing piece of farming equipment is something that you absolutely cannot be without. It does its job and it does it well! In 1933, Yanmar invented the first horizontal diesel engine. It began selling compact tractors in the United States in the late 1970s and then immediately began manufacturing tractors for the John Deere Company. It discontinued its alliance with John Deere in 2004. However, Yanmar continues to sell high-quality and inexpensive tractors to dealers throughout the U.S.A.

Yanmar is a giant tractor and garden equipment entity in Japan. A tractor made by Yanmar is an excellent buy because you will be receiving a piece of machinery that is modeled after the farming techniques used for years in Japan. These tractors tend to last for many decades as long as they are maintained well and not overly abused. Even if they are very old, they may still be very efficient especially if they have a small number of usage hours. Yanmar makes wonderful compact tractors for Japan in addition to supplying many models to the United States. It has been reported that tractor mechanics worldwide have nothing but good comments to say about how easy it is to work on anything produced by Yanmar..

Yanmar brings you the only best in compact tractors. All of its tractor parts and components are manufactured by Yanmar itself including engines, transmissions and hydraulic pumping systems. This customer-focused company takes great pride in producing only the highest quality parts for all of its tractors and other farm machinery. Great care is taken in designing only the best products, built to give their owners a comfortable ride all the time no matter what particular job they are doing. Yanmar has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of unsurpassed compact tractors. Its products are designed wonderfully and are known to be easy to use and an exceptional value for the money you spend.

Buying a Yanmar tractor will put you in the driver’s seat – all the time! Go for a tractor manufactured by a company that keeps the customer first and focuses on always providing the only the very best products available. Experience counts especially when it comes to getting a tractor that will provide you with years of satisfied service and pleasure.

Learn About Used Tractor Tires

There are many things you should know about antique and used tractor tires. Tractors have been around for decades and many farmers and collectors today want to keep their old tractors in prime condition. This means that they often are in the market for replacement tires and other tractor accessories. There are resources available for finding old tractor tires and many websites offer ideas and suggestions on where the best wheels and tires can be found.

One of the early tractors, an Allis-Chalmers, was used throughout the United States on small farms in the late 1940’s. It was used primarily to keep vegetable gardens at their best and for general landscaping purposes. The engine for the tractor was located in the rear and the other farm implements were attached to the front.

Some of the early models of Allis-Chalmers included the Model C, the Model B and the Allis Chalmers CA tractor. Several thousand of these tractors were sold and many can still be found today. Finding tires for these old tractors is not impossible but does require research to locate the right tires for a particular model.

Tractor tires became much improved with the introduction of pneumatic tires in the 1930’s. Up until then, tractors were not often used because while they were useful for plowing the fields, they were inadequate on surfaced public roads. This was a major problem for farmers because they often needed to drive their tractors on these paved surfaces. The first pneumatic and rubber tires inspired a dramatic change in the history of farm equipment. Rubber tires gave a cushioning effect to farm machinery and gave tractors the speed and efficiency needed for hard farm labor and for use on paved surfaces.

It is quite simple to locate antique and used tractor tires today by going to one of the numerous websites set up for antique tractors and accessories. You will likely be able to find tires for Allis Chalmers, Case, International Farmall, Massey Ferguson, John Deere and others. In addition to antique tractor tires, you also should be able to find brochures, tractor parts and user manuals on many websites. They sometimes offer tractor classifieds for free so that you have the opportunity to advertise for just the tires you need.

Gently Used Garden Tractors

A garden tractor is something that many homeowners want to help them keep their yards and property looking beautiful. However, garden tractors can be quite expensive when purchased new so many people look for ways to purchase gently used garden tractors or even antique models They not only want a lawn mower, but a piece of machinery that can handle larger landscaping projects as well. If you are one of these people, then before you buy, you should know a little bit about these unique and special tractors.

Garden tractors are smaller than their cousins, the large farm-duty models. They are generally simple to operate and are designed primarily for cutting grass with their rotary cutting blades and for doing more heavy-duty landscaping work. Some people call them ride-on lawnmowers but they do differ slightly. They are a little bit sturdier that ride-on mowers because they come equipped with more durable frames, transmissions and axles. They also can be enhanced through the addition of other equipment such as cultivators and bulldozer blades. Garden tractors are generally equipped with either a 1 or 2 cylinder gasoline or diesel engine.

A lawn tractor differs from a riding lawn mower because its engine is in the front and it is used mostly general gardening projects. Heavier duty lawn tractors are usually shaft driven so that towing and more difficult garden projects are easily accomplished. The difference between a garden tractor and a lawn tractor is that garden tractors have multiple mounting bolds as compared to the simple bolt configuration of lawn tractors. Also, garden tractors can be used for multiple gardening projects such as plowing and harvesting because of their added strength and durability.

Antique garden tractors are becoming very popular on today’s collectors market. Finding these old tractors requires some dedicated research. It is a hobby that many people are enjoying today and this has sparked an influx of websites featuring information about these unique older pieces of gardening equipment. You can often find antique and used garden tractors at affordable prices by just taking the time to explore what’s available on various websites. There is a special old tractor just waiting for you to take it home!

Finding Used Compact Tractors

If you are in the market for a tractor and don’t want to spend your life savings on it, then you would be wise to browse the internet for used compact tractors. There are many sites to choose from and all you have to do is look through what’s available and then decide on the tractor that’s right for you. You won’t believe the variety of quality tractors that are out there.

Many websites for tractors specialize in developing relationships with many fine tractor dealers throughout the United States. They are able to work with these dealerships to get you the best wholesale prices, much better than you could find on your own. All you have to do is let the website owner know just what kind of a used tractor you are looking for. You will get a quote on what is available at the price you want to spend on any brand you are looking for. The website will make it much easier and faster for you to get at least a general price range on an ideal used tractor.

Once you have accessed a website for tractors, you will be able to browse through many popular manufacturers and be able to find used tractors in a variety of sizes and styles. A few of the most famous tractor brands are Kubota, New Holland, John Deere, Branson, Massey Ferguson and McCormick. These manufacturers, plus many more, have wonderful compact tractors available and offer competitive service and prices. They have tractors that are at the low end of the price range all the way up to deluxe top-of-the-line models.

A compact tractor is smaller than a standard tractor but will give you the performance you need every time you use it. New models can be quite expensive, so looking at used compact tractors is your bet chance of getting a great buy for a much lower price. So, take the time to browse the internet and look closely at the many options you have. Don’t buy the first tractor that catches your eye. The used tractor market is very competitive, so you might even be able to bargain you way to a great deal!

Antique Cast Iron Tractor Seats

The first authentic tractors were simply horse drawn plows that were used by farmers to cultivate their land and vast fields. These farmers often walked along side their plows and pointed their horses in the right direction. You can imagine how tired the farmer was after a long, hot day trudging behind cranky and smelly horses.

Cast iron seats were made between 1850 and 1900 and were derived from implements that came after the civil war from ammunition factories. These seats were accepted readily by farmers who had previously had to walk behind their horse-drawn plows. They were thrilled to death to be able to sit comfortably and simply steer their horses. These seats contributed immensely to the large agricultural growth in the United States.

The original cast iron seats were composed of brittle material and usually had round holes punched out on different parts of their surfaces. Some of the seats were also quite decorative with laced, curved and swirled design features. The patterns that were used on the earliest seats were made originally from wood. Often the maker of the seat was embossed somewhere on the surface along with where the seat was manufactured. Some even were patented with the date embossed somewhere on the seat.

There are many people throughout the world today that have made a hobby out of collecting antique cast iron seats. They often like to keep them in their original condition rather that restoring them to something more pristine. Some collectors like to take old seats and add beautiful painted and bright designs on them. They often add intricate details that probably weren’t present on the original seat. The end result is often breathtaking. It is a fun hobby for anyone but it does take some time and research work to find suitable antique seats that were actually used on the earliest plows.

To date, there are over 2000 different types of cast iron tractor seats. New versions appear every day so the list of possible resources and contact points keeps growing. Seasoned collectors are hesitant to part with any seat that will increase in value and will be more than happy to charge top dollar for it. That is why novice cast iron seat collectors sometimes have a difficult time getting started in this fascinating and lucrative hobby.

3 Reasons To Choose Centerless Grinding

There are two types of grinding process, centerless grinding and traditional OD grinding. Manufacturing companies have to adopt any of these mentioned processes to produce a product line. However these companies today are in great pressure. This is because they have reduced cost in the production line. If unable to do that they can easily shut down,  or  have  to  completely  stop  the  production  of  the  product  line.  Choosing  traditional  grinding  or centerless grinding can be the key too profit and development, hence they have to be very careful and precise on choosing the best one suitable. In this article we present to you the 3 reasons for which choosing centerless grinding would be the most feasible and profitable for any manufacturing company:

  • The  shape  and  configuration  of  the  part  and  the  machines  in  use  determines  the  way  in  which  the manufacturing grinding would be done, most metals and types of blades and materials are very convenient and  compatible  with  the  centerless  procedure  of  grinding.  Hence  in  such  situation  using  this  process  can really be cost effective and useful.
  • Speed is a very important factor in manufacturing business. The more the speed, the faster and better the production. More units can be produced in a given period of time. The used grinding machines having grinding done with centerless procedure in such cases are beneficial as it offers automation and better speed.
  • Tolerance  and  accuracy  are  very  important  factors  for  many  parts  used  in  manufacturing.  This  centerless process of  grinding  offers  accuracy  and  tolerance  in  any  units  necessary.  Different  industries  have  different manufacturing needs and this process helps in all those manufacturing needs.

Today  most  companies  have  shifted  to  this  method  from  the  traditional  one,  to  save  cost  and  time.  If  you  haven’t started yet, then it’s time that you do it on an immediate basis