Ban on use of CB Radios in Alberta from mid 2011

The use of CB radio is considered to be the distracting element in Canada.

The Bill 16 which is the Traffic Safety Amendment Act restricts the use of mobile phone hand held and the use of other devices that can take way concentration from the road and these devices also includes the CB radio.

The use of the CB radio is not totally restricted but now it has new discipline for its use. According to new rules, pilot vehicles can use CB radio when they are needed to maintain contact with another vehicle on the road or when they are contacting their employer where there is compulsion to have a contact with the employer. Also a CB radio can be used for rescue operation or at emergency or in any situation where use of CB can’t be avoided.

With new rules the Minister of Transportation Luke Ouellette is very happy as he is considered to be a truck community friendly politician.

According to the minister this is a very bold attempt of not only restricting the use of cell phone but also restricting use of any other distracting instruments. With all the effort the ministry wants the truck drives to have hands on wheels and eyes on road.

Art Johnston, MLA for Calgary-Hays said that the move is very sensible as he is former police officer and is aware about the consequences that occur with distracted driving.

The new law will be effective by mid 2011 and culprits will be fined with $172. To make the new law familiar, public education and campaigns for awareness would be carried out.

Adventurer RV a true Camper

Adventurer RV are the trailers that are been taken along with, while going for camping or for an adventurer. It is popularly known as Truck camper (TC) and RV in most parts of North America which are pulled or carried by a pickup truck. These recreational vehicles are also known as slide in or cab-over. These campers or RV are fixed on a pickup truck and most of these bodies can be fixed and dismounted on a truck easily is known as truck camper.

RVs are house on wheels manufactured by many truck body companies; Adventurer is one of them which are into the business since 1969 are successful in retaining customers with value, quality and service. The company was started as a local manufacture of specialty vehicle and today is know as among the industry leader.

Adventurer RV has become number one choice for those who live more on the wheels than station houses as Adventurer RV comes with innovative designing that utilizes every single inch for good.

Adventurer RVs 93FDS

Adventurer RVs 93FDS is designed intelligently so that every inch space on floor is usable. Inside it has 60×40 bedding area which proves to be comfortable even for 6ft above. The space in the bedding room is expeditiously used with a mirrored wardrobe and shelf on both the sides of the room. Steps lead to cooking area where there is spacing for cooking range with a sink. The washroom has a shower tub and just opposite to washroom is space for refrigerator. The bath area in Adventurer RVs 93FDS has sunroof lighting and for the cooking are is a big window where one can cook in the windy breeze.

Adventurer RVs 93FDS proves to be the best Adventurer partner.

The features include air conditioning slide, AM/FM radio with CD, fresh water capacity for 38gallons and 142 LGrey water.

Adventurer RVs 85 WS

The designing for Adventurer RVs 85 WS is a bit different than 93FDS. Adventurer RVS 85 WS is a deluxe model which employees a storage space, full bathroom and extras. The design fits short and long beds trucks. The truck is low on weight and all weather capable. At the entrance towards the left is the full sized bathroom which also has a shelf space. Bathroom is followed by cooking area with a big space for cooking range and a sink just opposite is the refrigeration area. A step takes to the 60×80 Queen bed with a TV shelf, a wardrobe and storage are on both the side. Adventurer RVs 85WS is very spacious and is considered to be as a deluxe model.

2011 Doge Ram 3500

Last year, 2009 Doge majorly updated its heavy duty Ram 2500 and Ram 3500 pickup trucks. Updates included both exterior and interior features.

The newly updated Ram was nearly un-identical to the previous versions. For 2009 the 2500 and 3500 heavy haulers were with aerodynamic styling and new interior features that was shared with the Dodge Ram 1500. the Ram 3500 is already updated on the front axle and suspension package that makes the truck more capable. The 2009 cab was replaced with new four door crew cab that was offered with larger doors and more rear passenger space. for fifth wheel towing the cab came with 8 foot cargo box option. Last year also received a 6.7 Cummins 6 cylinder and a Hemi V8 those were similar to its previous year’s model.

Last years TRX trim is now replaced with Ram outdoorsman that is targeted for campers, adventurers and fishermen. Dodge Ram dealers also stacked a rifle rack and a fishing rod rack and also an optional cargo side box is offered with the new Ram. Dealers also have many after market parts like tires, trailer upgrades, underbody protection and towing upgrades. The most luxurious Ram truck is the Laramie Longhorn which is loaded with super luxurious features. The 2011 Dodge Ram 3500 competes head to head with GMC Denali. The Longhorn comes with leather upholstery, walnut trim, Berber inserts, all weather mats and many luxury features. On the exterior the Longhorn is differentiated by two tone paint. Colors include Sagebrush which is only for Longhorn, Deep Cherry Red Crystal, Hunter Green Perl are for other trim models.

The 2011 Doge Ram 3500 is offered with two engine option. The smaller offering is the turbocharged 6.7 liter, inline six that pumps out 350 horsepower and 650 lb ft of torque. The engine features iron block and each cylinder is served with four cylinder. The bigger engine is the 5.7 liter V8 that generates 383 horsepower and churns 400 lb ft of torque. Each cylinder on the V8 is served with two valves. The 6.7 liter engine comes with six speed manual transmission and 5 speed auto on the 5.7 liter engine. A 6 speed automatic transmission is offered optional with 6.7 liter engine.

The interior of the Dodge Ram offering is loaded with highest material standards. The Ram 1500 has considerable electronic option which includes integrated trailer brakes similar to those found in the Ford and GMC heavy pickups.

Dodge 2011 offering will be liked by long distance haulers. The seats are with better comfort and ergonomics. Front passenger and drivers seats, are installed with heat and ventilation system. Also the integrated trailer braking system makes the trailer brake work with that of pickup. The integrated braking system removes the need of after market installs.

The 2011 Laramie Longhorn is super luxurious and features metal seat buckles with a Ram logo and leather seating. Being a luxurious special edition the instrument panel looks no less than an expensive watch. Carpets come washable and are all weather with removable carpet inserts. Other added features are updated navigation system, power adjustable seats comes optional, Back seat TV from Sirius is offered optional, Ram exclusive UConnect system that is with 10 GB of space and with ten speaker of stereo surround system.