Yanmar Machinery

Yanmar Co. limited is a private company which was founded in 1912 in Japan. The company was the first to develop a commercial diesel engine. Ever since then Yanmar has developed its competency in manufacturing diesel engine.

Yanmar is head quartered in Osaka a city in Japan. The name Yanmar is developed from the word Oniyanma which is the name for the largest dragonflies in Japan. Yanmar initially wanted to have Tonbo as a name for their company as Tonbo means a dragon fly which symbolizes agriculture in Japan but unfortunately the name was already registered with some other company in Japan.

From the word Oniyanma the initial three letters Oni were dropped down at it means devil in Japanese.

Yanmar specializes in manufacturing diesel engines and later they started manufacturing light fishing boats. Yanmar ranks among the top machinery manufacturers in Japan and in recent years has started manufacturing combine harvesters, tractors, utility machines and rice plating machines.

A rice plating machine was first put with a diesel engine and a passenger seat by Yanmar.

Today Yanmar is continuously developing engines that make the most efficient use of energy.

Yanmar is always the leader in excavator because of its first entry advantage in 1971. Yanmar Machine excavators features fuel efficient engines, cost efficient operation and low maintenance, all this comes with consistency, modernism and toughness.

Yanmar B50we8

Yanmar B50we8 is mini excavator that falls under the category of excavators and falls under the subcategory of mini.

This 1998 excavator is put to sale at approx. $ 47, 579 and is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

The excavator is equipped with 55 cm bucket and a dozer blade.

Yanmar ViO50-5

Many performance features are added by Yanmar to this Excavator. According to the company the name VIO means true zero tail swing.

This line up of trailers was first introduced in 1993 and today is running as a fifth generation of Yanmar Machinery.

Yanmar ViO50-5 can successfully turn with the width of its body. The latest Vio has 7 models which ranges form 3,704 lbs to 17,530 lbs. Vio50-5 is a 5 ton escalator.

Vio50-5 is an excavator with zero turning tail it can easily turn within its width. The version of this excavator was updated in 2005 for safety, comfort and dependability.

Vio50 -5 weighs around Kg 4,790 and has a bucket capacity of 0.16. The excavator could run 4.4 and 2.3 depending on the high and low travel speed. The machine is capable of digging max dept of 3,800 mm with a height of 6,160 mm.