6 Advantages of Laser Engraving System

Laser engraving is one of the biggest revolutions in the field of engraving. The significance of the laser method is that the machine used for engraving does not come in direct contact with the surface on which engraving is being done. Initially the laser machine was designed to engrave on materials like glass, plastic and wood. With the success of the initial machine the companies started to implement laser on several other areas like automation systems, laser marking system and hot stamping. There are a number of advantages of the laser engraving systems as compared to traditional methods of engraving.

  1. In this method of engraving, no toxic chemicals are used; as a result no harmful chemical residue remains after engraving. This is one major advantage of laser engraving over other methods where a lot of toxic chemicals are used and residue stay back.
  2. If used perfectly and correctly, the machine does not produce any dust. The machine works clean when used properly.
  3. The machine works soundless. The machine works with minimal sound as compared to older methods.
  4. Since the machine does not have any direct contact with the surface, hence it is quite easy to do engraving even on uneven surfaces. Initially the tips of the machine was changed each time before engraving depending on the surface, however, now all these jobs are software controlled and works with the click of a button.
  5. The initial price of the machine is little high but the machine requires very less or no service and no tip replacement.
  6. The operational cost is extremely low and the implementation of the new up-to-date technology definitely increases the productivity. It also reduces the operational cost of the small-scale industries. The machine is used extensively for work like hot stamping, pad printing, laser marking and even ultrasonic welding machines.

The only disadvantage of the laser engraving system is that its initial setup cost is a bit high. However, the cost becomes a minor issue when one compares it with the benefits the machine brings along. The Laser engraving systems are a blessing to the small-scale industries.

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