Adventurer RV a true Camper

Adventurer RV are the trailers that are been taken along with, while going for camping or for an adventurer. It is popularly known as Truck camper (TC) and RV in most parts of North America which are pulled or carried by a pickup truck. These recreational vehicles are also known as slide in or cab-over. These campers or RV are fixed on a pickup truck and most of these bodies can be fixed and dismounted on a truck easily is known as truck camper.

RVs are house on wheels manufactured by many truck body companies; Adventurer is one of them which are into the business since 1969 are successful in retaining customers with value, quality and service. The company was started as a local manufacture of specialty vehicle and today is know as among the industry leader.

Adventurer RV has become number one choice for those who live more on the wheels than station houses as Adventurer RV comes with innovative designing that utilizes every single inch for good.

Adventurer RVs 93FDS

Adventurer RVs 93FDS is designed intelligently so that every inch space on floor is usable. Inside it has 60×40 bedding area which proves to be comfortable even for 6ft above. The space in the bedding room is expeditiously used with a mirrored wardrobe and shelf on both the sides of the room. Steps lead to cooking area where there is spacing for cooking range with a sink. The washroom has a shower tub and just opposite to washroom is space for refrigerator. The bath area in Adventurer RVs 93FDS has sunroof lighting and for the cooking are is a big window where one can cook in the windy breeze.

Adventurer RVs 93FDS proves to be the best Adventurer partner.

The features include air conditioning slide, AM/FM radio with CD, fresh water capacity for 38gallons and 142 LGrey water.

Adventurer RVs 85 WS

The designing for Adventurer RVs 85 WS is a bit different than 93FDS. Adventurer RVS 85 WS is a deluxe model which employees a storage space, full bathroom and extras. The design fits short and long beds trucks. The truck is low on weight and all weather capable. At the entrance towards the left is the full sized bathroom which also has a shelf space. Bathroom is followed by cooking area with a big space for cooking range and a sink just opposite is the refrigeration area. A step takes to the 60×80 Queen bed with a TV shelf, a wardrobe and storage are on both the side. Adventurer RVs 85WS is very spacious and is considered to be as a deluxe model.

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