Innovation Drives American Coach at National RV Trade Show

Innovation is on the go not only among the automakers, the recent innovation by American Coach may take the RV industry to the next level.

American Coach who is the maker of luxury motorhomes unveiled their key new innovations at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville. The company added a list of features and innovative features to the American Heritage 45BT. The American Coach, a division of the Fleetwood RV Inc., has added the 2011 Heritage 45BT with lot of features which includes dual sinks in the master bedroom, 460 sq ft of living space which is industry leading, and a rear wardrobe with double of hanging space according to the company. The newly redesigned American Heritage is now with 46 in Sony TV’s in the front overhead and in the bed room as well as new for the 2011 is 40 in mid ship TV and entertainment system. Every television system in the American Heritage is LED screen with crystal sound clarity and also with wireless capabilities.

The RV that was displayed at the National RV Trade Show featured LED lightning that used less electricity and also are made to last for years without changing. Also for the 2011 American Eagle is offered with forth model that is loaded with luxurious amenities. The standout feature on American eagle is the full sized walk in rear wardrobe and a full size floor plane.

The large sized wardrobe has place for shoe rack, with lots of hanging space and porcelain and dresser tile flooring. That’s not all; even the industry clued people were amazed with the “mega master suite slide”. The new floor plane in the bedroom includes a bed and vanity with largest spaced bathroom in the industry.

For 2001 the American Tradition 45 Y received a “gourmet galley” which features L-Sofa from Villa in the living room that makes seating comfortable with more residence like feel.

In recent years American Couch is being working on with new RVs and frequently updates them with new features. Constant upgradation in the models has made the company to enjoy 30 percent more market share since September 2010.

American Couch has turned out to be the sixth largest manufacturer of Diesel powered Motorhomes in the U.S.
The additional offering of American Couch models is a part of the celebration as the company is celebrating 20th anniversary.

Such kind of innovative offering is profitable for both the buyers and the industry as a whole. The standard in manufacturing RVs should be continuously raised with every year. And of course the company which innovates gets a first mover advantage in the crowded market place. The American Coach is still the sixth largest motorhouse manufacturer and has a long way to reach the top.

The American Coach which is a division of Fleetwood RVs Inc periodically monitors its own company progress so that they can improve on management and manufacturing practices. This step may make the company to closer the gap between the 6th and the 1st.

Hyundai Machine – Leaders in healthy operating environment

Robex 140 LC-7A is a crawler excavator form Hyundai Machine Company.

Standard equipments on a Hyundai Robex 140 LC-7A includes all weather with all round visibility, raise up type wind shield, safety glass window, sliding fold in front window, lockable door, hit and cool box, accessory box and ash tray.

This Hyundai machine comes equipped with Computer Aided Optimization system which has-

2 power mode
3 work mode
2 user mode
Auto and one touch deceleration system
Auto warm system
Auto overheat prevention system

The LCD display shows up engine speed, clock and error code. Gauges include a fuel level gauge, engine coolant temperature gauge and hydraulic temperature gauge.

The warning system works for

Engine coolant and fuel level
Check engine and CPU
Engine oil and pressure
Engine coolant temperature
Hydraulic oil temperature
Low battery
Air cleaner clogging.

Options on Hyundai Robex 140 LC-7A includes

Air conditioning
Sun visor cabin inside
Fuel filler pump
Beacon lamp
Safety lock valve for boom cylinder
Safety lock valve for arm cylinder
Single acting piping kit
Double acting piping kit
Quick coupler piping kit
Accumulator work equipment lowering
12V power supply
Electric transducer
Overload warning device
Travel arm
CD player
Various optional boom
Optional buckets

The Robex 7 series is efficiently designed to keep the noise low. Improved door seals and engine compartment seals keeps the noise level at minimum.

Engine Specs

Type: Water cooled 4 cycle diesel, inline 4 cylinder, direct injection, turbo charged.
Horsepower: 113 hp at 2,100 rpm (gross)
105 hp at 2,100 rpm (net)
Max torque: 330 lb ft at 1,500 rpm
Bore x Stroke: 102 x 120 mm
Piston: 3,900 cc
Batteries: 2 x 12 V x 100 AH
Alternator: 24V-50 Amp

Hyundai Robex 360 Lc-7A

Key feature of Hyundai Robex 360 Lc-7A is operators comfort. The visibility on this model is better than most in the industry that ensures safer and efficient operation. For maximum flow of fresh air inside the cab the ventilation system on Robex 360 Lc-7A has been improved with sliding front and side window and large sunroof that offers upward visibility and upward ventilation.

For high comfort level the seating and the operator lever can be fully adjusted. For improved accessibility the console boxes slide able forward and backward.

Noise level on this Hyundai machine is kept on the low by employing improved door seals for cab and engine compartments.

For better working condition the machine employees:

Centralized control panel
Horn button
Option button
Remote radio control
Travel lever
One touch decal button
Hour meter
Travel pedal
Fully adjustable suspension seat
Safety lever
Power boost button
Joystick control lever
Air conditioner and heater controller

Engine Specs

Type: Water cooled, 4 cycle diesel, 6 cylinder inline, direct injection, turbocharged
Horsepower: 296 hp @ 1,850 rpm (gross)
271 hp @ 1,850 rpm (net)
Max torque: 1000 lb ft @1,400 rpm
Bore x Stroke: 114 x 144.5 mm
Piston: 8,900 cc
Batteries: 2 x 12V x 160 AH
Starting motor: 24V
Alternator: 24V

Working environment inside a Hyundai Robex 360 Lc-7A is so healthy that operators love to be init.

Hallmark RV – Used is as better as a new one

Hallmark Manufacturing is a company that manufactures, repairs, service and sells hard side and pop truck campers. The company has experience of over 40 years. The company is owned by a single family and is located in Colorado. In the year 2000 Halmark RV had shut down its production for predictable hard side campers. The companies know only concentrates on manufacturing pop up style camper.

Hallmark RV is poplar among sport personalities, outdoor enthusiasts and out door adventure lovers, due to the RV’s low profile and light weight characteristics.

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing campers the Hallmark RV has narrowed down its market and concentrates on pop up styled camper.

The company is also under the process to manufacture hard side hallmark truck camper. Hallmark RV is expecting to complete its designs for the year 2011 models.

Hallmark Motor Garage 333dsmg is a huge truck attached to it is a full size camper.

The Motor Garage as old as 2008 year make can be brought from the used RV dealers.

Hallmark Motor Garage 333dsmg Specification

Year: 2008

Make: Hallmark

Model: Motor Garage 333dsmg

Type: Class C

Fuel type: Diesel

Water capacity: 180 gal

Air Conditioners: 3

Awings: Yes

Leveling Jacks: Yes

Engine: Volvo

Power generation: 465 hp

Sleep capacity:

The RV is with many features that include a 32”LCD TV, 23″LCD TV in the bedroom, remote camera system, central vacuum, tracking satellite and leather padded walls.

Used RV campers can be a better choice to avoid paying heavy price for the new one. Still before buying the used RV either form the dealer or the owner, the Camper body form the inside and out side should be evaluated properly.

Hear I came across a Hallmarks Sierra 24 Tl on the internet.

This camper trailer is 2005 make manufactured by Hallmark, model Sierra 24 TI. The trailer is a toy hauler with length of 24 ft. from the out side the camper is in good condition but needs a proper evaluation as there can be leakages form the roof. So the roof from above should be inspected along with the side body.

From the inside the Hallmarks Sierra 24 Tl is super clean; its condition is near to untouched.

I would suggest stopping on this camper will be a smarter option than buying a new one.

Diesel fuel efficiency for Generator Operators

Diesel is a fuel that is leaves more carbon gasses than the petrol powered engines. But petrol is a bit scarcer than the diesel and also is costlier. Diesel engine should be kept maintained because with even minor contaminants, the engine then becomes subjected to loose efficiency. Contaminants can decrease fuel efficiency, increase costs and every thing contributes to a major break down. With this article I will give simple tips that can avoid you big time engine problems.

Sediments gather in the fuel tank at the bottom, and if the tank is un-cleaned it stays there.

The very simple and cost effective method to get rid of sediment is to let the particles settle well in the bottom of the tank and then drain it.

Most of the time sediment gets trapped in the fuel filter before going further. So it is always recommended to employ good quality fuel filter. But sediment in excess needs the fuel filter to be cleaned frequent, increasing cost.
Also another technique to keep the tank dust free is by employing a air filter to the place where the fuel tank breaths.

Then comes the problem of water

It is often noted that many a time’s water enters the fuel tank and stays there for long. Water is responsible for corrosion and sometimes breeding place for micro organisms.

The fuel tank should be cleaned and drained on regular intervals

Buying fuel from reliable sources and also the quantity received and quantity asked for should be matched.
And of course water separators should e used

Micro organism family includes fungi, bacteria and other micro living things. How can they be avoided?

Tank should be sprayed with biocide to avoid organism growth inside the tank

After using biocides, fuel should be filtered so that fuel doesn’t carry dead microorganisms

Other useful tips

The engine compartment should be first cleaned to get rid of dust and other debris before removing the fuel filter for cleaning and other fuel parts and components for repairs or maintenance.

Open fuel system leave the tank exposed to get dirt in it. So at the time of repairs or any other engine work the openings should be plugged or capped.

When the model diesel engines are made to work on sites where there is lot of dust like that in mining and construction, hence the vent tube should be sealed well. Contaminants can also enter the fuel tank through improper fuel filling method.

Reusable parts should be cleaned with proper solution and the part should be refitted after complete drying.

Components removed for cleaning or repair should never be placed on the ground.

I’ve seen many who reuse the seals. Seals cannot be reused they can be fitted only once.

There should be scheduled checkup of the fuel line from tank to the fuel pump.

Fuel should be regularly checked for contaminants

Hope all of the above tips will prove to be helpful.

You can leave your queries or comments if you need solution to a particular problem.

Century RV – Reliable Source for used RV

Century RV has turned out to be the #1 dealer with inventories of new and used campers.

Century RV has over 300 new and used RV’s in their inventory. RV’s with almost every size, style and budget is available with Century RV.

The dealership has both the most expensive RV’s and also the budgeted ones.

Customers can choose between wide variety of RV’s that includes Motorhomes, diesel pushers, 5th wheels, toy haulers and travel trailers.

The new inventory lot is filled with RV’s manufactured from Keystone, Thor Dutchmen and Sun Valley.
Century 275 is offered for sale in used condition.

The century 275 used 2003 RV model is offered for $17,995. The 275 RV is offered with 2 swivel rocker chairs, oven with three burner stoves, bookshelf stereo CD, carpeted flooring, Booth Dinette, curtain door leading to the bed room, counter top extension, dual basin sink, air conditioning, to keep more free space the LP tanks are in an enclosed cabin, collapsible exterior graphic package fiber glass interior and fiber exterior glass.

Other features on the Century 275 RV’s are

Handheld shower unit
Micro wave oven
Gas detector
Gas detector
Outside shower
Outside stereo
Medical cabinet mirror
Queen sized bed
Range hood with light and fan
Skylight roof in the bathroom
Rear ladder
Refrigeration freezer
Sliding door to bedroom
Vinyl flooring

Caterpillar Machine build with Confidence

Caterpillar 303.5C CR is a mini hydraulic excavator that is engineered every where to perform and comes with easy serviceability. The engine for this Caterpillar machine is manufactured by Mitsubishi and is coded as Mitsubishi S3Q2-T. the engine gives net horsepower of 39 and a gross power of 40.5 horsepower. The operating weight for the CR is 8356 lb and operating weight capacity with cab is 8620 lb.

As Caterpillar 303.5C CR is a digging machine the maximum dig dept is 10.43 ft and maximum ground reach level of 17.2 ft.

The Mitsubishi engine can make the excavator reach max speed of 2.9 mph.

The CR C Series is with impressive cab dimension that has efficient leg room that keeps the operators level at max. The cab is added with optional air-conditioning system for more comfort. The sliding door allows safe access to the operator. For maneuverability on the job site the excavator comes equipped with automatic two speed option.

A comfort feature is also added with power point, adjustable wrist rest, cup holder and reclining suspension seat.

For higher productivity this Caterpillar machine has high digging forces and quick cycle times. The turbocharged engine on CR model keeps pumping power to the vehicle making it working non stop with high energy. Work tools for the CR model includes digging buckets, Ditch cleaning buckets, angling ditching buckets, hydraulic dampers and augers.

For easy service the machine comes with swing out rear door that provides easy access point to engine oil check and fill, starter motor, engine oil filler and alternator.

Lifting side hood allows access to air filter, main implement value, accumulator, fuel filter, hydraulic tank radiator and oil cooler.

Caterpillar 314 LCR is equipped with a Cat 3064 T diesel engine that generates gross power 95 horsepower ad net power of 91 hp. the maximum lifting capacity of the machine is 7800kg with operating weight of 15120kg and has tail swing radius of 1480 mm.

The four cylindered turbo charges diesel engine comes with reliability, power, fuel economy and low emissions. One of the engineered features of this Caterpillar Machine is its long stroke piston that churns out high torque at low and medium engine speeds. The engine also comes with an option of auto control which enables the engine to run on three different stage which maximizes fuel efficiency and noise reduction.

For easy maintenance the oil level gauge, oil filter, fuel filter and priming pump are located in the front of the engine.
To keep the vibration low from a four cylinder engine the crankshaft comes specially balanced.

For cooling the Caterpillar 314C LCR is dependent on large diameter fan and water cooled cylinders which are backed by thermal efficiency that helps prevent overheating.

Caterpillar enters into a Joint Venture with China Liyuan

Caterpillar Inc is going to be in partnership with china’s AVIC Heavy Machinery Co to plan and manufacture medium and heavy duty hydraulic pumps and motors.

Caterpillar hasn’t disclosed yet to the nature of the tie up, the size or shareholding between Caterpillar China and AVIC Liyuan Hydraulics.

The components made by the partnership will be supplied to Caterpillar and other big construction equipment producers.

The deal is under approval by Chinese regulators. Global industry giants are investing in China as the country is investing heavily on Beijing’s infrastructure.

Before this Caterpillar had a small venture with XCMG Construction Machinery Co, and had withdrawn the invested 15.9 percent share from the company.

Hans Haefeli, Caterpillar vice president says that the company is looking forward to mark its presence in China and through this venture Caterpillar wants to be the leading supplier Caterpillar products and OEM customers as China is considered to be growing market.

The alliance will also make Caterpillar’s supply base strong and increase key component capacity which will ultimately support Caterpillar’s machine capacity expansion in China.

Both of the parties have agreed to bring their broad distribution capability, technology and expertise to the joint venture.

Case Most Versatile Machine on work

420 CT is a series 3 compact track loader form Case construction equipment. The loader is tier IV complaint and has a four stroke turbo charged four cylinder 3.2 liter engine that generates 74 horsepower at 2500 rpm with a peak torque of 203 lb ft.

These Case machinery come with robust chassis and engine that are made to take all the beatings while working. So deal with all soil condition the equipment has low ground clearance and notable flotation.

The new 420 CT is well with power and torque figures also these engines are clean burning and turbo charged.

The option on the truck includes cab with heat or air-conditioning, keyless start option, turning lights, some promotional auxiliary controls, radio and Mp3 player port, dome light and mirror.

To keep the truck maximum time working Case has put all the service check parts at a single place making easy to service. Oil dip stick and filter all at same place enables the truck to be checked very quick and return it to work.

Case 3 series is made available with almost 75 attachments making the loader most flexible machine on work.

Instrumental panel includes basic function like indicators, fuel level LCD bar graph, warning lights for engine oil pressure, engine malfunction, hydraulic oil temperature and so on.

Inside cab is a vinyl seats with suspension, handle throttle, seat belts, top window, cup holder, foot rest, storage tray and others. The tank comes with 22.0 gal. Options include interior mirror, heater, radio, demolition door, lumbar support, glass front door wiper nad washer and electric hydraulic control system.

Ban on use of CB Radios in Alberta from mid 2011

The use of CB radio is considered to be the distracting element in Canada.

The Bill 16 which is the Traffic Safety Amendment Act restricts the use of mobile phone hand held and the use of other devices that can take way concentration from the road and these devices also includes the CB radio.

The use of the CB radio is not totally restricted but now it has new discipline for its use. According to new rules, pilot vehicles can use CB radio when they are needed to maintain contact with another vehicle on the road or when they are contacting their employer where there is compulsion to have a contact with the employer. Also a CB radio can be used for rescue operation or at emergency or in any situation where use of CB can’t be avoided.

With new rules the Minister of Transportation Luke Ouellette is very happy as he is considered to be a truck community friendly politician.

According to the minister this is a very bold attempt of not only restricting the use of cell phone but also restricting use of any other distracting instruments. With all the effort the ministry wants the truck drives to have hands on wheels and eyes on road.

Art Johnston, MLA for Calgary-Hays said that the move is very sensible as he is former police officer and is aware about the consequences that occur with distracted driving.

The new law will be effective by mid 2011 and culprits will be fined with $172. To make the new law familiar, public education and campaigns for awareness would be carried out.

Adventurer RV a true Camper

Adventurer RV are the trailers that are been taken along with, while going for camping or for an adventurer. It is popularly known as Truck camper (TC) and RV in most parts of North America which are pulled or carried by a pickup truck. These recreational vehicles are also known as slide in or cab-over. These campers or RV are fixed on a pickup truck and most of these bodies can be fixed and dismounted on a truck easily is known as truck camper.

RVs are house on wheels manufactured by many truck body companies; Adventurer is one of them which are into the business since 1969 are successful in retaining customers with value, quality and service. The company was started as a local manufacture of specialty vehicle and today is know as among the industry leader.

Adventurer RV has become number one choice for those who live more on the wheels than station houses as Adventurer RV comes with innovative designing that utilizes every single inch for good.

Adventurer RVs 93FDS

Adventurer RVs 93FDS is designed intelligently so that every inch space on floor is usable. Inside it has 60×40 bedding area which proves to be comfortable even for 6ft above. The space in the bedding room is expeditiously used with a mirrored wardrobe and shelf on both the sides of the room. Steps lead to cooking area where there is spacing for cooking range with a sink. The washroom has a shower tub and just opposite to washroom is space for refrigerator. The bath area in Adventurer RVs 93FDS has sunroof lighting and for the cooking are is a big window where one can cook in the windy breeze.

Adventurer RVs 93FDS proves to be the best Adventurer partner.

The features include air conditioning slide, AM/FM radio with CD, fresh water capacity for 38gallons and 142 LGrey water.

Adventurer RVs 85 WS

The designing for Adventurer RVs 85 WS is a bit different than 93FDS. Adventurer RVS 85 WS is a deluxe model which employees a storage space, full bathroom and extras. The design fits short and long beds trucks. The truck is low on weight and all weather capable. At the entrance towards the left is the full sized bathroom which also has a shelf space. Bathroom is followed by cooking area with a big space for cooking range and a sink just opposite is the refrigeration area. A step takes to the 60×80 Queen bed with a TV shelf, a wardrobe and storage are on both the side. Adventurer RVs 85WS is very spacious and is considered to be as a deluxe model.