Ban on use of CB Radios in Alberta from mid 2011

The use of CB radio is considered to be the distracting element in Canada.

The Bill 16 which is the Traffic Safety Amendment Act restricts the use of mobile phone hand held and the use of other devices that can take way concentration from the road and these devices also includes the CB radio.

The use of the CB radio is not totally restricted but now it has new discipline for its use. According to new rules, pilot vehicles can use CB radio when they are needed to maintain contact with another vehicle on the road or when they are contacting their employer where there is compulsion to have a contact with the employer. Also a CB radio can be used for rescue operation or at emergency or in any situation where use of CB can’t be avoided.

With new rules the Minister of Transportation Luke Ouellette is very happy as he is considered to be a truck community friendly politician.

According to the minister this is a very bold attempt of not only restricting the use of cell phone but also restricting use of any other distracting instruments. With all the effort the ministry wants the truck drives to have hands on wheels and eyes on road.

Art Johnston, MLA for Calgary-Hays said that the move is very sensible as he is former police officer and is aware about the consequences that occur with distracted driving.

The new law will be effective by mid 2011 and culprits will be fined with $172. To make the new law familiar, public education and campaigns for awareness would be carried out.

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