Blow Bars & Jaw Plates

With the ever-increasing growth in the mechanical sector, there has been a rapid demand in the good quality and quantity of the spare parts of all technical and mechanical machineries, be it automobile, construction machineries, agricultural equipments and the vast workshop stations. There are always new innovations and refinements in the spare part equipments.

One main aspect in the mechanical working is the crushing, mixing and aligning of the materials (either the raw materials which are to be used or the machineries if there is mechanical handwork needed). For such works Blow Bars and Jaw plates are used widely in the industries for crushing and mixings. These both are highly efficient Pegson spare parts used in widespread machineries and work stations.

Blow bars are used with impact crushers. They are replaceable hammers rigidly attached to the rotor of an impact crusher. They are abrasion and impact-wear resistant steel bars (made from high chrome iron), used in castings for crushers such as Hazemag, SBM, Harti, Extec, Metso, Tesab, Eagle and other crushers. They could also be called horizontal shaft impactor bars.

These are made to work for aggregate processing, asphalt reclamation, cement, recycling and in solid waste industries.Jaw Plates or jaw crushers are manganese made wear parts. These are basically used for reducing larger rocks into smaller rocks, dust and gravel. Their basic mechanism holds the principle of jaw, same as our mouth jaws which are used to crush food pieces into digestible smaller forms.

The basic concept of using Blow bars and Jaw plates is to reduce human work load and increase the output in terms of quality, efficiency and quantity, and these two, being just machine tools, does a human-some work at no given time. They work as mid-segment tools in the whole process of output and so highly significant.

So as per their usefulness and efficiency they are being used in variety of functional areas such as Brick and tile, Concrete, Agriculture, Asphalt reclamation and Asphalt mixing and many more such industries. Better the quality, more durability and strength they will hold and give power to your work.

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