A Brief Look At Mahindra Tractors

Mahindra tractors started out by manufacturing the Willys Jeep during World War II. Then, in 1947, the company decided to add a line of quality tractors to its production line. In 1963, it joined in India with International Harvester under the Mahindra name. Its first tractor was called the B-275 which led the way for International Harvester’s highly acclaimed IH B-414 tractor. Mahindra entered the auto market in 1995 by joining the Ford Motor Company. Obviously, it is a diverse company that has seen many changes over the past 60 plus years from jeeps, to tractors, to minivans!

The Mahindra Company now sells tractors in ten countries throughout the world but most of its customers are in the United States, India, Iran, Syria, Chile and Australia. Its subsidiaries (Jiangling, Mahindra USA and Mahindra Australia) control the operations and sales in each of their respective countries. Mahindra Gujarat controls these functions in India. The tractors sold in India are dominated by the Mahindra line. The majority of the country’s sales are in Gujrat, Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra. Mahindra came into the United States in 1994 and it sells many dependable and durable tractors to people all across North America. The final tractor assembly and road and dynamometer tests are done in the United States. American Mahindra assembly plants are located in Texas, Georgia and California. The main base for Mahindra Australia is in Brisbane and its tractors are sold throughout the country and also in New Zealand. China saw and great opportunity with Mahindra and entered the tractor market in 2005 with the subsidiary Jiangling Tractors.

A tractor made by Mahindra outperforms all of its competitors. These amazing tractors are built for superior performance all the time and they can’t be beat for continuing customer satisfaction. Mahindra tractors are pieces of machinery that both you and your land will love! Customers all over the world give rave reviews about Mahindra and there is no better way to substantiate a good product than by having highly satisfied users. Make all of your dreams come true by finding out all you can about this amazing piece of innovative farming equipment.