Diamond machining

All About Diamond Machining

Diamond machining, if carried out using the right set of equipments, can be quite an easy operation. These equipments are meant for special tasks. Don’t worry regarding availability of these equipments. They are widely available in the market. They are quite effective in completing the task easily, perfectly, and in the most efficient manner. Portable rigs & diamond core drilling machines are always considered to be the most appropriate option for drilling holes in walls, floors, & other concrete blocks. There are several other machines being used for this purpose like pneumatic & hydraulic machines, electric machines, etc.

There are different types of equipments available to carry out diamond machining. Some of the most popular models include Rig Mounted machine,            Rig Mounted & Hand Held Electric machine, Hand Held machine, and Hand Held Electric Mini machine.

The Hand Held Electric Mini machine is ideal for fast drilling of holes on natural stones, concretes, and tiles. In fact, this machine can help in drilling the holes in the most perfect of manners. When drilling is made on gravestone, countertops, or granite, the performance improves by a greater extent. There are also Hand Held Machines being used extensively for diamond machining. These machines are also used for drilling holes on concrete and natural stones. These Hand Held Machines can help in carrying out the drilling process without vibrations, shock, and dust. They also act much faster when compared to the rotary hammers. Rig Mounted & Hand Held Electronic Machines are highly efficient. They also weigh much less when compared to other drilling machines. These machines can be used for drilling 5” holes in the bricks. They can even drill through the cinder blocks, limestone, rock surfaces, etc.