Tens Machine for Effective Pain Relief

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or tens machine applies the method of sending electrical signals to the nerves through the skin to stimulate the nerve. This is practiced to counter the debilitating pain and get relief.

Pain is experienced by everyone in one form or the other. There are pain killers available to get relief from the pain. Though pain killers provide instant relief, it cannot be used for longer terms. In case of chronic pains, using pain killers may prove harmful than being advantageous as they have other side effects. Pain killers when taken for a long duration affect the functioning of kidney and liver. For this reason, people look for other options to get relief from pain.tens machines are one of the options which many people are using. It is used in getting relief from pains caused due to tendinitis, some pains which arise after surgery, pain due to osteoarthritis and musculo-skeletal pains etc.

The tens machine is provided with four leads which is covered with sticky pads. The electrical signal is sent to the affected parts through these electrodes which are operated with the help of a battery. This rejuvenates the muscles to perform better and pain is relieved gradually. The Tens Machines are used by physiotherapists also for rejuvenating the nerves. Though they are safe for use by anyone, it is better to get medical advice before using them and using tens machine under medical supervision is better. The Tens machine provides relief from pain in the most of the chronic cases like neck pain, joint pain, back ache and so on. These are also used during child birth at the time of onset of labor. The most advantageous thing of using tens machine are their portability. The person using the tens machine is not restricted to one place.

TENS Machine – Importance & Variety,TENS Machine – Importance & Variety

What, exactly, are tens machines?

A tens machine is a device which is used to reduce both acute as well chronic pain. The full form of TENS is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It is often addressed as pain machine or TNS machine. Whatever may it be, these devices are available in two forms: digital & analog. However, each machine features three to four major components that are responsible for the control of body pain. Let us have a brief look at some of these components.

RATE: This identifies the fact that what is the total number of time that the machine goes on and off on a per second basis.

WIDTH: As soon the machine is turned on, what is the duration of its stay? This is mainly calculated in milliseconds (millionths of one second).
AMPLITUDE: This is the power calculation component. What is the total amount wattage used in order to make the patient feel a certain amount of sensation? This question is sorted out through the use of this component.

No matter whether you have the analog or the digital device with you, but if these three mentioned components are present within your device, then there is no basic difference between digital and analog ones. However, there is also a situation where you may want some specific display types. This is something that is different much in digital devices if compared to the analog devices. Then there is also the size factor that may be a matter of concern.

These separate issues play important part in the selection. Most people tend to purchase a bright clear digital display in the tens machine. However, the craze for analog display can be seen mostly among the older patients who prefer bigger displaying devices with manual buttons.

A Look At Tens Machine

Tens machine can be described as a certain fitness device or instrument that is used for reducing both the chronic as well acute pain of patients. TENS stand for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Often, this device is termed at TNS or pain machine. This instrument is available in two different variant: 1) Digital, 2) Analog. Earlier, the analog devices were commonly used. Once the digital devices were launched, the analog ones went to the back row. Digital ones are much more effective in treating acute body pain. Every machine does feature three major components. These are Rate indicator, Width calculator, and Amplitude measurement tool.

Rate indicator: The maximum time limit for the machine goes on and off per second as indicated through this particular tool.

Width calculator: The duration of machine’s stay is calculated in milliseconds through the help of width calculator.

Amplitude measurement tool: This tool calculates the power consumption. Wattage can vary for one patient to another in order to make them feel the sensation. This is calculated buy Amplitude measurement tool.

Although both analog and digital devices does feature these three tools, but it is always better to opt for latest technology based ones. Digital devices are always considered to work in a faster way. The display is much clearer and detailed in case of digital devices. When using analog Tens machines, display problem is quite common to face.

Both types of tens machines are widely available in the market. However, analog devices are cheaper than digital TENS. Still, demand is higher for digital devices. If the digital devices are unavailable within offline stores, then one can search through the internet. There are numerous stores available online that sells the digital devices at affordable price range. Online shopping is quite safe and secured these days. So never, worry and start shopping online while enjoying much comfort.