Caterpillar Machine build with Confidence

Caterpillar 303.5C CR is a mini hydraulic excavator that is engineered every where to perform and comes with easy serviceability. The engine for this Caterpillar machine is manufactured by Mitsubishi and is coded as Mitsubishi S3Q2-T. the engine gives net horsepower of 39 and a gross power of 40.5 horsepower. The operating weight for the CR is 8356 lb and operating weight capacity with cab is 8620 lb.

As Caterpillar 303.5C CR is a digging machine the maximum dig dept is 10.43 ft and maximum ground reach level of 17.2 ft.

The Mitsubishi engine can make the excavator reach max speed of 2.9 mph.

The CR C Series is with impressive cab dimension that has efficient leg room that keeps the operators level at max. The cab is added with optional air-conditioning system for more comfort. The sliding door allows safe access to the operator. For maneuverability on the job site the excavator comes equipped with automatic two speed option.

A comfort feature is also added with power point, adjustable wrist rest, cup holder and reclining suspension seat.

For higher productivity this Caterpillar machine has high digging forces and quick cycle times. The turbocharged engine on CR model keeps pumping power to the vehicle making it working non stop with high energy. Work tools for the CR model includes digging buckets, Ditch cleaning buckets, angling ditching buckets, hydraulic dampers and augers.

For easy service the machine comes with swing out rear door that provides easy access point to engine oil check and fill, starter motor, engine oil filler and alternator.

Lifting side hood allows access to air filter, main implement value, accumulator, fuel filter, hydraulic tank radiator and oil cooler.

Caterpillar 314 LCR is equipped with a Cat 3064 T diesel engine that generates gross power 95 horsepower ad net power of 91 hp. the maximum lifting capacity of the machine is 7800kg with operating weight of 15120kg and has tail swing radius of 1480 mm.

The four cylindered turbo charges diesel engine comes with reliability, power, fuel economy and low emissions. One of the engineered features of this Caterpillar Machine is its long stroke piston that churns out high torque at low and medium engine speeds. The engine also comes with an option of auto control which enables the engine to run on three different stage which maximizes fuel efficiency and noise reduction.

For easy maintenance the oil level gauge, oil filter, fuel filter and priming pump are located in the front of the engine.
To keep the vibration low from a four cylinder engine the crankshaft comes specially balanced.

For cooling the Caterpillar 314C LCR is dependent on large diameter fan and water cooled cylinders which are backed by thermal efficiency that helps prevent overheating.

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