Diesel fuel efficiency for Generator Operators

Diesel is a fuel that is leaves more carbon gasses than the petrol powered engines. But petrol is a bit scarcer than the diesel and also is costlier. Diesel engine should be kept maintained because with even minor contaminants, the engine then becomes subjected to loose efficiency. Contaminants can decrease fuel efficiency, increase costs and every thing contributes to a major break down. With this article I will give simple tips that can avoid you big time engine problems.

Sediments gather in the fuel tank at the bottom, and if the tank is un-cleaned it stays there.

The very simple and cost effective method to get rid of sediment is to let the particles settle well in the bottom of the tank and then drain it.

Most of the time sediment gets trapped in the fuel filter before going further. So it is always recommended to employ good quality fuel filter. But sediment in excess needs the fuel filter to be cleaned frequent, increasing cost.
Also another technique to keep the tank dust free is by employing a air filter to the place where the fuel tank breaths.

Then comes the problem of water

It is often noted that many a time’s water enters the fuel tank and stays there for long. Water is responsible for corrosion and sometimes breeding place for micro organisms.

The fuel tank should be cleaned and drained on regular intervals

Buying fuel from reliable sources and also the quantity received and quantity asked for should be matched.
And of course water separators should e used

Micro organism family includes fungi, bacteria and other micro living things. How can they be avoided?

Tank should be sprayed with biocide to avoid organism growth inside the tank

After using biocides, fuel should be filtered so that fuel doesn’t carry dead microorganisms

Other useful tips

The engine compartment should be first cleaned to get rid of dust and other debris before removing the fuel filter for cleaning and other fuel parts and components for repairs or maintenance.

Open fuel system leave the tank exposed to get dirt in it. So at the time of repairs or any other engine work the openings should be plugged or capped.

When the model diesel engines are made to work on sites where there is lot of dust like that in mining and construction, hence the vent tube should be sealed well. Contaminants can also enter the fuel tank through improper fuel filling method.

Reusable parts should be cleaned with proper solution and the part should be refitted after complete drying.

Components removed for cleaning or repair should never be placed on the ground.

I’ve seen many who reuse the seals. Seals cannot be reused they can be fitted only once.

There should be scheduled checkup of the fuel line from tank to the fuel pump.

Fuel should be regularly checked for contaminants

Hope all of the above tips will prove to be helpful.

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