Electronic Vending Machine

An electronic vending machine can break into the competitive marketplace of vending. The unequaled product capacity of an electronic vending machine can provide refreshments to almost any location. That is why electronic merchandising is on the leading-edge of the vending industry.

Maximize your product delivery with an electronic drinks vending machines. Provide the best space-to-sales investment to any vending location. Benefit from the modern electronic systems of the machine. The programmable and easy-to-use electronic interface allows access to individual pricing, sale statistics and cash history. The electronic LED display shows pricing, deposit quantity and selection.

Take advantage of the superior quality that an American made electronic vending machine can add to your business. Save money on operating costs from less maintenance during the life of the machine. Reduce servicing expenses from fewer breakdowns. Plan for reliable operation and less headaches involved in day-to-day use. As well, front opening doors allow for the easiest vending management.

Significant Advantages of Electronic Vending Machines…
• Easy to load product trays help reduce stocking times
• Credit Card Ready and Wireless Communication ready
• Electronics are MDB
• Adjustable weight distribution for extended vending operation and accuracy
• Expertly designed cooling system provides superior refrigeration performance
• Internal electronics feature vend counter and automatic machine test procedures
• 24-volt bill validator and changer (w/stacker) gives reliable electronic cash handling

Take advantage of newer products. Vend popular energy drinks or cold coffee drinks for excellent added profit. Draw in customers with the sleek and vibrant appeal of the electronic coffee vending machine. Enjoy this money-maker for its outstanding flexibility.

Extra Essentials…
• Anti-theft design for the highest security
• Engineered for the maximum operator efficiency
• Equipped with a light bar to highlight product display
• A strong competitor with the largest product capacity of its class

Now that you have read information on the electronic vending machine, check out mechanical vending machines for more vending machine opportunities.

Start from day one of your electronic vending machine being located and placed. Have it generate revenue for you, while you are comfortably away. If you need more examples as to why you should select an electronic vending machine, do not hesitate to contact us. We work hard to let you feel at ease with your decision.

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