Hand Embroidery:Five Kinds of Traditional Embroidery

Contemporary embroidery is done in either of two methods. The faster and more convenient way is by using an embroidery industrial sewing machine. Many embroiderers today prefer this newer method simply because of the convenience and speed at which they can finish their embroidery projects.

With many embroidery machines, you just have to download a pattern onto the equipment, do some modifications, and press a button. The machine can do the rest of the work on its own and all you have to do is manipulate the fabric.

The other method of doing needlework is the traditional hand embroidery. If you choose to do hand embroidery, you will need to spend a lot of time working on your project, as well as have an infinite amount of patience and a very keen eye for detail.

Many people today simply do not have the time to spend long hours on a single project, so hand embroidery is not quite as popular as machine embroidery.

However, if you ask seasoned embroiderers, most of them will say that despite its evident difficulty, hand embroidery is still the more fulfilling method. The effort and perseverance that you put into completing your project definitely gives more value to it.

There are several kinds of hand embroidery that are still being used to this day. Here are the five most popular kinds:

1. Cross Stitch

This is undeniably the most popular kind of hand embroidery in the present time. Hobbyists all over the world are practicing this kind of hand embroidery, including young girls and even a handful of grown men. In this type of hand embroidery, rows upon rows of “x” patterns are created using two overlapping diagonal stitches.

2. Canvas Work

This kind of hand embroidery involves the use of any kind of yarn on canvas material. The overall look of canvas work will usually depend on the texture of the yarn used. If you want to achieve a very polished look, you should use the silk yarn. Otherwise, the common knit yarn is also good.

3. Ribbon Embroidery

This kind of hand embroidery is very easy to learn and is usually practiced even by young girls. Ribbons are materials that naturally exude an aura of romance and elegance which is why ribbon embroidery is generally considered to be the most romantic kind of hand embroidery.

4. Black Work Embroidery

This particular type of hand embroidery was very fashionable during the early parts of the 16th century but is once again starting to be popular in recent times. This hand embroidery style makes use of black thread on white cloth.

5. Bargello

In the early 19th century, a kind of hand embroidery was developed in Italy called the Bargello style. This kind of needlework used uneven lengths of parallel stitches. It is now commonly used on household decorations such as throw pillows, rugs, and couch upholstery.

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