Hyundai Heavy Equipments Division Adds New Wheel Loaders to Dash 9 Series

The Hyundai heavy equipments division recently made an addition to its Dash 9 series which consist of wheel loaders. These are built on the company’s famous series of Dash 7/7A. It has exemplified the Hyundai Companies continued expertise in the field of engineering as well as workmanship. The new features the Dash 9 wheel loader is a new hydraulic system which is load sensing and is equipped with a more variable and efficient technology of volume pump.

This wheel loader has the latest Tier III Cummins engine which has a fuel efficient technology. It also includes a power shift fully automatic transmission which comprises of a shift control which is variable and a multi stage cut off clutch. There is also a remote monitoring HI-Mate RMS system, a diagnosis and integrated cluster control system. The cooling fan is auto reversing and has a radiator which swings out.

This wheel loader has a larger cab equipped for better visibility as well as leads in ergonomics and has climate control. The bucket of the wheel loader machinery has a larger capacity. There is also a rear view integrated backup safety camera which depending on the machine model you choose is either a standard or an optional feature. The seat is of the hydraulic air ride type so that it is comfortable to operate in.

One of the special changes made to this new Dash 9 wheel loader is that this machine focuses more on overall serviceability and safety that will rival those of other competing brands to establish a higher benchmark. The doors to this wheel loader are removable large house doors which are designed so that they give an easier access to its engine components and coolers for better serviceability. The access ladders are integrated with large steps which provide an incline of 20 degrees for a safer cab access and 3 point entry use.

The coolers of this Hyundai wheel loader machine are configured so that they are in a parallel formation having an a/c condenser which is mounted for ideal clean out and cooling, while the fan of the engine is in the rear door so that when the door is open you have a better access to it. All of the wheel loaders of the Dash 9 series are equipped with the fully functional Hi-Mate RMS system by Hyundai. This system is managed by a remote which keeps the fleet owner or operator aware about all the machines which are functioning, diagnostics as well as fuel efficiency by the online portal for internet that is accessible wherever you are located in the world.

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