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Robex 140 LC-7A is a crawler excavator form Hyundai Machine Company.

Standard equipments on a Hyundai Robex 140 LC-7A includes all weather with all round visibility, raise up type wind shield, safety glass window, sliding fold in front window, lockable door, hit and cool box, accessory box and ash tray.

This Hyundai machine comes equipped with Computer Aided Optimization system which has-

2 power mode
3 work mode
2 user mode
Auto and one touch deceleration system
Auto warm system
Auto overheat prevention system

The LCD display shows up engine speed, clock and error code. Gauges include a fuel level gauge, engine coolant temperature gauge and hydraulic temperature gauge.

The warning system works for

Engine coolant and fuel level
Check engine and CPU
Engine oil and pressure
Engine coolant temperature
Hydraulic oil temperature
Low battery
Air cleaner clogging.

Options on Hyundai Robex 140 LC-7A includes

Air conditioning
Sun visor cabin inside
Fuel filler pump
Beacon lamp
Safety lock valve for boom cylinder
Safety lock valve for arm cylinder
Single acting piping kit
Double acting piping kit
Quick coupler piping kit
Accumulator work equipment lowering
12V power supply
Electric transducer
Overload warning device
Travel arm
CD player
Various optional boom
Optional buckets

The Robex 7 series is efficiently designed to keep the noise low. Improved door seals and engine compartment seals keeps the noise level at minimum.

Engine Specs

Type: Water cooled 4 cycle diesel, inline 4 cylinder, direct injection, turbo charged.
Horsepower: 113 hp at 2,100 rpm (gross)
105 hp at 2,100 rpm (net)
Max torque: 330 lb ft at 1,500 rpm
Bore x Stroke: 102 x 120 mm
Piston: 3,900 cc
Batteries: 2 x 12 V x 100 AH
Alternator: 24V-50 Amp

Hyundai Robex 360 Lc-7A

Key feature of Hyundai Robex 360 Lc-7A is operators comfort. The visibility on this model is better than most in the industry that ensures safer and efficient operation. For maximum flow of fresh air inside the cab the ventilation system on Robex 360 Lc-7A has been improved with sliding front and side window and large sunroof that offers upward visibility and upward ventilation.

For high comfort level the seating and the operator lever can be fully adjusted. For improved accessibility the console boxes slide able forward and backward.

Noise level on this Hyundai machine is kept on the low by employing improved door seals for cab and engine compartments.

For better working condition the machine employees:

Centralized control panel
Horn button
Option button
Remote radio control
Travel lever
One touch decal button
Hour meter
Travel pedal
Fully adjustable suspension seat
Safety lever
Power boost button
Joystick control lever
Air conditioner and heater controller

Engine Specs

Type: Water cooled, 4 cycle diesel, 6 cylinder inline, direct injection, turbocharged
Horsepower: 296 hp @ 1,850 rpm (gross)
271 hp @ 1,850 rpm (net)
Max torque: 1000 lb ft @1,400 rpm
Bore x Stroke: 114 x 144.5 mm
Piston: 8,900 cc
Batteries: 2 x 12V x 160 AH
Starting motor: 24V
Alternator: 24V

Working environment inside a Hyundai Robex 360 Lc-7A is so healthy that operators love to be init.

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