Innovation Drives American Coach at National RV Trade Show

Innovation is on the go not only among the automakers, the recent innovation by American Coach may take the RV industry to the next level.

American Coach who is the maker of luxury motorhomes unveiled their key new innovations at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville. The company added a list of features and innovative features to the American Heritage 45BT. The American Coach, a division of the Fleetwood RV Inc., has added the 2011 Heritage 45BT with lot of features which includes dual sinks in the master bedroom, 460 sq ft of living space which is industry leading, and a rear wardrobe with double of hanging space according to the company. The newly redesigned American Heritage is now with 46 in Sony TV’s in the front overhead and in the bed room as well as new for the 2011 is 40 in mid ship TV and entertainment system. Every television system in the American Heritage is LED screen with crystal sound clarity and also with wireless capabilities.

The RV that was displayed at the National RV Trade Show featured LED lightning that used less electricity and also are made to last for years without changing. Also for the 2011 American Eagle is offered with forth model that is loaded with luxurious amenities. The standout feature on American eagle is the full sized walk in rear wardrobe and a full size floor plane.

The large sized wardrobe has place for shoe rack, with lots of hanging space and porcelain and dresser tile flooring. That’s not all; even the industry clued people were amazed with the “mega master suite slide”. The new floor plane in the bedroom includes a bed and vanity with largest spaced bathroom in the industry.

For 2001 the American Tradition 45 Y received a “gourmet galley” which features L-Sofa from Villa in the living room that makes seating comfortable with more residence like feel.

In recent years American Couch is being working on with new RVs and frequently updates them with new features. Constant upgradation in the models has made the company to enjoy 30 percent more market share since September 2010.

American Couch has turned out to be the sixth largest manufacturer of Diesel powered Motorhomes in the U.S.
The additional offering of American Couch models is a part of the celebration as the company is celebrating 20th anniversary.

Such kind of innovative offering is profitable for both the buyers and the industry as a whole. The standard in manufacturing RVs should be continuously raised with every year. And of course the company which innovates gets a first mover advantage in the crowded market place. The American Coach is still the sixth largest motorhouse manufacturer and has a long way to reach the top.

The American Coach which is a division of Fleetwood RVs Inc periodically monitors its own company progress so that they can improve on management and manufacturing practices. This step may make the company to closer the gap between the 6th and the 1st.

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