Komatsu D155 – Crawler Dozers, for Increased Productivity, Lower Costs

Komatsu is a multinational, construction and mining equipment manufacturer. This company was first founded in the year 1921 and since then has provided industrial use services and products, making it the largest manufacturer of utility, mining and construction equipment in the world. Used Komatsu heavy construction equipments, as their products are known worldwide for their use of cutting edge technology and quality which you can depend on.

Komatsu offers a number of different vehicles and construction equipment to choose from. Their crawler dozers are quite popular, being efficient enough in leveling and cutting through massive debris and dirt quickly. The Komatsu D155 is one such dozer. This dozer makes use of the ground breaking sigma blade, which has been quite well received in the market.

This blade has been designed for encouraging the rolling of materials as well as keeping them from spilling over the sides. This blade also allows the Komatsu D155 to be able to carry and push around more dirt/ material then other used Komatsu heavy construction equipments and more than 20 per cent than the nearest leading competitor.

The Komatsu D155 dozer has been designed with one aim, which is to lower costs and at the same time boost productivity. Because of the use of the ground breaking sigma blade, the production is sped faster, as it helps to push up material much more easily.

The Komatsu D155A is another crawler dozer from Komatsu. You can purchase these used Komatsu heavy construction equipments, in different blade types. These include the super dozer, the semi-U, the sigma blade as well as the angle dozer. Choosing between their wide varieties of blade options lets you select one perfect for your construction needs. This blade is attached to the front of this construction equipment.

The performance of the Komatsu D155A will also vary, depending on the type of blade chosen. These crawler dozers, otherwise also known as bulldozers, feature an undercarriage, which is configured so as to enable free movement even on marshy lands. The rear end of the Komatsu D155A also features set of claws which are known as rippers, which can help in crushing even hard rocks.

Komatsu makes some of the greatest quality crawler dozers which boast of the use of cutting edge technology to help increase productivity, while reducing costs of operation at the same time.

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