Laser Engraving Machines

A Look At Different Type of Laser Engraving Machines

For laser printing purpose, the laser engraving machines are perfect tool to carry out the task perfectly. Laser engraving equipment is widely used in US and UK.  There are several reputed brands who manufacture the best quality laser cutting tools and engravers.

Laser engraving is mostly used in metal and electronics industries for marking & engraving on the hard substrate metal surfaces. With the help of radiation and laser technology, the entire process is carried out. The laser marking technology does not allow the surface to wear out even after being exposed to strong radiation heat and laser beam. This is the reason why laser marking process always enjoys a strong positive edge over the other techniques available. The positive working effect of this technology can be observed more prominently when the engraving is carried out on laser-sensitive surfaces like novel metal alloys and polymers.

There are different types of laser engravers available. However, each type comprises mainly of three major parts: surface, laser, and controller.  The controller can be defined as a micro-computer device that controls & regulates the direction, intensity, and speed of the laser beam. The controller also controls the extent to which the beam can spread so that it can be able to concentrate on the particular pointed area of the surface. However, must keep it in mind that the surface should be appropriate to endure laser beams or else, it will slowly melt away when exposed to such heated laser beams.  Although there are different type of laser machines available in the market, but the most common and popular one is the X-Y Table.

The X-Y table is a device where the surface is immovable or stationary. The laser beam travels through this surface while following a certain path in the matrix of X and Y.  This movement helps in drawing vectors on surfaces that ultimately provides the necessary form to things or words that will be engraved. At times, the surface have the tendency to move to & fro in order to develop a vector while making necessary adjustment to catch the laser beams that comes from one stationary outlet.  In the industries, the immovable surfaces are mostly used.

There are also those engraving machines that have a raster form in contrast to the above mentioned one. In most cases, these types of laser engravers are used for cylindrical surfaces. The laser beams travel in very helical patterns with continuous on/off pulses that develop a figure being required to get engraved in raster form.

There is also a third variety where both the laser beams as well surface is stationery & images get formed due to presence of GALVO mirrors that moves over laser beams to develop images on surfaces.

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