Learn About Used Tractor Tires

There are many things you should know about antique and used tractor tires. Tractors have been around for decades and many farmers and collectors today want to keep their old tractors in prime condition. This means that they often are in the market for replacement tires and other tractor accessories. There are resources available for finding old tractor tires and many websites offer ideas and suggestions on where the best wheels and tires can be found.

One of the early tractors, an Allis-Chalmers, was used throughout the United States on small farms in the late 1940’s. It was used primarily to keep vegetable gardens at their best and for general landscaping purposes. The engine for the tractor was located in the rear and the other farm implements were attached to the front.

Some of the early models of Allis-Chalmers included the Model C, the Model B and the Allis Chalmers CA tractor. Several thousand of these tractors were sold and many can still be found today. Finding tires for these old tractors is not impossible but does require research to locate the right tires for a particular model.

Tractor tires became much improved with the introduction of pneumatic tires in the 1930’s. Up until then, tractors were not often used because while they were useful for plowing the fields, they were inadequate on surfaced public roads. This was a major problem for farmers because they often needed to drive their tractors on these paved surfaces. The first pneumatic and rubber tires inspired a dramatic change in the history of farm equipment. Rubber tires gave a cushioning effect to farm machinery and gave tractors the speed and efficiency needed for hard farm labor and for use on paved surfaces.

It is quite simple to locate antique and used tractor tires today by going to one of the numerous websites set up for antique tractors and accessories. You will likely be able to find tires for Allis Chalmers, Case, International Farmall, Massey Ferguson, John Deere and others. In addition to antique tractor tires, you also should be able to find brochures, tractor parts and user manuals on many websites. They sometimes offer tractor classifieds for free so that you have the opportunity to advertise for just the tires you need.

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