New Mini Excavators by Caterpillar for Increased Stability and Productivity

The Caterpillar’s new D Series of Mini Hydraulic Excavators like the models 304D CR, 303.5D CR; the 305.5D CR as well as the 305D CR are not only versatile but also quite powerful. These compact radius machines can work quite comfortably even in confined places. These new excavator models have been built using the same reliability and quality design as those of their predecessors of the C Series.

The new model designations also reflect their weight closely that is from 3.5 metric tons to 5.5 metric tons. These machines also have an enhanced stability to ensure greater productivity, hydraulics which are load sensing, a work tool coupler which has been redesigned as well as engines that have been made to meet the U.S. standards of the Tier-4 Interim EPA as well as the Stage-3A E.U. emissions regulations.

The Models 304D CR and 303.5D CR are machines which are zero-tail-swing and help keep the upper body radius well within the tracks width. Meanwhile the Models 305.5D CR and 305D CR are machines of a compact radius which limit the tail swing of the upper body by 5.5 inches/ 140 mm or less over its tracks.

Both the machines are designed in such a way so as to reduce the operating foot print of the machine as well as help simplify the job of the operator. The Models 304D CR and 303.5D CR have an increased undercarriage width, while the Models 305.5D CR and 305D CR have a heavier counterweight. This will help to significantly enhance the machines stability as well as increase the lift capacity of the excavators. They will also have an effective digging force and a more effective reach.

Because of these features they also have an increased capability to handle work tools which are quite heavy as well as improve the balance of the machine for better comfort of the operator.

These machines also have a new coupler which is of a pin grab type. It comes optional with the new hydraulic operation, and combines the work tool positive retention designed to maintain a tighter tolerance between the tool and the coupler to significantly reduce the wear.

An auxiliary two mode standard hydraulic system comes complete with quick connectors as well as lines. They can be switched between bi-directional and single directional operation so that one can easily use the work tools which range from augers to hydraulic breakers.

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