Repairing Frames with Frame Machines

Vehicles are always built with strong frames, but in case of an accident the frames gets damaged and restoring them is hard work. To make that hard work easier frame machines are made, that helps restore the frame as it originally was.

A frame machine consists of a platform where the vehicle stands. A loading ramp from where you can drive the vehicle to the platform. Measurement equipments are used to adjust the frame until it’s restored to its normal shape. There are chains and hydraulics that helps to adjust the frame.

Frame repair is a process that is done by pushing and pulling a section of the damaged frame. Usually when a vehicle is damaged it becomes impossible to go to the other side to push and straighten the section. Thus hydraulics, sheer torque, leverage etc are used to give it a pull. Two to three people are needed to operate this equipment.

It is found in most of the automobile repair stations. In case you want to buy one you can look for frame machines for sale. Most of them are made with high quality steel and comes with warranty. When it comes to selecting one you can visit the company’s website. You will get all the information regarding the machine or you can contact the company directly for help.

As per the maintenance you can grease the machine once a month and clean the residue off the roller and lubricating unit. Thus not much is needed when it comes to maintenance. As per order and delivery you can place it directly, over the phone or online. Your product will be shipped to you within the mentioned time. You can buy it or get it for lease which ever suites your budget. If you want you can get it customized too.



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