Some Easy Steps To Remove Broken Bolt

The process of broken bolt removal is cumbersome as well as time-consuming. Auto restorers consider this task a big pain especially given a limited amount of time. However, if the steps are followed correctly and patiently, one can manage to remove broken bolt. There are various methods depending on the kind of problem the broken bolt poses. Nevertheless, it is advised that basic tools should always be kept handy to remove broken bolt –an Easy Out kit, set of left- hand drill bits, propane torch, electric drill (not a very expensive one) and vise grip pliers.

An essential requirement is also that of lubricants, which of course work best when one has a lot of time in hand. These penetrating oils are quite light which helps them to reach the deeper or inner difficult portions of the machinery. Since these oils do not show immediate results in broken bolt removal, it is advised to use them during lengthier timelines.

A look at the various steps and options of using the above mentioned tools will help us understand the various stages or levels of difficulty that one faces while trying out the broken bolt removal process. Firstly, if part of the bolt is seen jutting out of the metal surface, then the vise grip pliers can be used to clamp it tightly and turn it around. Mostly, this attempt is successful. If it is not, then the propane torch should be used to heat the portion around the bolt which softens the area thus weakening the link.

Just use the vise grip pliers now, and out comes the broken bolt. Care should be taken that too much heating is avoided. If this time the bolt breaks off then comes the turn of the left-hand drill bit. The bolt shaft needs to be flattened before using this. Finally, if this doesn’t work, then of course the electric drill is used which drills out the bolt and its broken threads completely.







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