Some Essential Automatic Drywall Taping Tools

Do you know why the drywall finishing professionals always depend upon a wide range of automatic taping tools in addition to their skills for increasing their efficiency and reducing the effort that they put in? Then let us tell you that these tools are used for applying finishing touch to butt joints as well as outside and inside corners.

So if you are a drywall finishing expert, then just buy professional drywall taping tools and enjoy increased speed and productivity. In this regard, quickly glance through some of the popular automatic taping tools and buy the one that you require for your project.

  • Flat Box: The term flat box refers to those tools, which are used for applying only joint compound, also known as mud. The flat box tool is usually attached to a long extension pole, which looks like the handle of a broom. A rectangular box is the primary component of a flat box that is used for holding premixed portions of joint compound. The applicator side of this flat box applies a thin and smooth layer of joint compound when it is pressed and rolled against a drywall butt joint.
  • Whole Filler: This tool is used for distributing as well as smoothening drywall mud over screw holes as well as nails. Just like the flat box tool, the whole filler is also attached to an extension pole and helps in applying mud when it is pressed and rolled on a surface, which is flat.
  • Corner Roller: This tool is used for applying mud to angled points, like for example, 90-degree inside as well as outside corners. Just like the flat box and hole filler tools, a corner roller is also attached to an extension pole.

All these tools are available in several stores. However, unlike in the yesteryears, today, you will also come across several drywall tools stores online. Just browse through them, select the product you want to buy, and place your order online! Sounds interesting, isn’t it? So without any further delay, buy these automatic taping tools today and feel the difference yourself!

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