Taping Tools: Different Types And Their Benefits

It’s only natural that walls in your house suffer wear and tear over the years. There are several factors that contribute to it; from water leakage to environmental conditions and the onslaught of your surroundings. How long are going to keep looking at the crumbling wall in your house and live in a precarious situation because you can’t afford to hire contractors?

Why not take on the task yourself and use highly efficient drywall boards that will fix your problems? If you have the right Taping Tools you will not struggle with the job either.

However for that to happen you need to understand more about different types of Taping Tools that are available in the market today and their individual benefits. The automatic taper for example is used to apply tape and mud to the wall joints and inside corners in your house. You can do the job using your hands too but you will only manage to cover about 5 rolls a day while using this taper, you will manage to apply up to 15 rolls per day. Banjo is another commonly used taping device, which is also quite efficient when it comes to taping.

You will need a standard corner flusher, which as the name suggests helps you clean and wipe both sides of drywall angles so that you get a smooth final coat according to your liking. And when it comes to drywall tools you cannot forget the importance of a corner finishing handle that works very well with different kinds of flushers and angle heads so that the final results are of professional quality. Your guests and family members will be thoroughly impressed with your DIY skills and it will help you earn brownie points from them. And of course you will have the satisfaction of doing it yourself as well.

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