The Antique Coffee Maker – A Connoisseur’s delight

The antique coffee maker is a connoisseur’s delight and is even preserved by some as a collector’s item. The purists who are not satisfied with what espresso machines churn out still turn to the Turkish coffee pot to give them the coffee they have gotten so used to tasting. These coffee pots are usually in the form of a tumbler attached to a long handle. The handle could be of metal or wood while the tumbler could be of copper, tin lined brass or sometimes even stainless steel.

There are all sizes of coffee pots available depending on how many cups of coffee have to be brewed at the same time. These coffee pots are designed to help the finely ground coffee powder, water and milk brew to perfection before the coffee could be enjoyed. Traditional Turkish coffee makers come with beautiful designs and artisanship which makes them an item to behold and treasure even if one does not want to use them for making coffee. There is a wide variety of coffee pots such as antique Belgium pots made of silver, antique bronze coffee pots, enamel pots and silver or pewter coffee pots.

These beautiful items add as much to the décor of the kitchen as they offer value when it comes to the taste of the coffee brewed in them. The best coffee makers are those which are easy to clean and maintain while at the same time conduct the right amount of heat to the coffee powder and water mixture to brew it to perfection. Antique coffee pots though could offer rich taste without over-boiling the coffee or leaving it without insufficient aroma. The amount of coffee used could vary from one pot to another..

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