The Virtual Expo for Campers

A Virtual Convention – Its so 21st Century

The Virtual Outdoor Hospitality Expo will be starting form Monday (Nov 1) where campers form all around will be sharing their views on how they purchased their camper and what ever that matters when it comes to camping. This kind of Expo is very 21st century and should be supported by the economy like us. The Expo is being initiated by a small group of suppliers and will last for 92 days.

It is expected that the Expo would revolutionaries how a business is done as there will be 63 exhibitors taking part along with many speakers and camper owners.

The attendance on physical expo is on the decline as it comes with many expenses like food, travel, hotel and the time that is spent away from business. Taking all these facts into consideration the Virtual Expo will be a big blast as business owners can being at their home or office can participate, you can spend minutes or hours or even can read or watch the industry any time and as many number of times you like.

The whole idea for a Virtual Expo is thinking from a small group of Camper suppliers and the concept is extended to many industries which includes golf resort, marina, paddle sports and ski.

Absolute no cost no scheduling needed or no walking needed and even easily accessible to handicapped said the news release.

Lieberman is the person who visualized the whole idea and is supported by many industry experts. Lieberman has 10 years of experience in arranging physical programs is all positive with this Virtual Expo.

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