Used Hyundai Heavy Construction Equipments for Cost Effective Machinery

The Hyundai a well known automobile manufacturer also has a heavy industries division which makes many types of equipment like the excavators, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders and fork lifts. The company has been making these heavy industries equipments since the year 1985. You can easily find many used Hyundai heavy construction equipments at many dealerships online.

The heavy industries division of this company operates a system of product system which is highly efficient and is powered by an automatic production line which is very advanced. Buying a used Hyundai heavy construction equipments is a good choice as this company has a policy of zero tolerance and a perfect control of quality.

There are many popular excavator models by Hyundai. One such excavator is the Hyundai Robex 450. This excavator is of the series 9. The boom of this excavator measures around 23 ft. 2 in. while the stick comes in at 13 ft. 1 in. The Hyundai Robex 450 also has an A/C which is quite heavy duty.

This work excavator also features a radio/ CD player. Other features include a camera for rear view, a remote which controls the management system. The Hyundai Robex 450 also has a skylight which is transparent. It also has tracks which measure around 32 inches and auxilary hydraulics which are double acting. The excavator also has a tropical kit which is factory installed and a selector valve lever pattern.

Another popular excavator model is the Hyundai Robex 75-7, which is of the crawler subcategory. This is a mini excavator model which has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 7,430 pounds. The Hyundai Robex 75-7 has a horsepower of 55 or 40.8 kw at 2,300 revolutions per minute.

The bucket capacity of this excavator is 0.25. This excavator has been designed so that it ensures the highest ease of operation as well as maintenance. The Hyundai Robex 75-7 is designed following the highest cutting-edge research that has been carried out in this field. This is a compact mini excavator machine which can easily reach places that even some of the larger excavators cannot.

Used Hyundai heavy construction equipments are beneficial for those looking to bring down their cost of business.

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