Used John Deere Tractors Can’t Be Beat!

One of the most famous and recognized names in farm equipment is John Deere. This excellent and long-running company provides the very best in all types of machinery for today’s farms. There is nothing quite as satisfying as wearing a yellow and green John Deere hat (which is recognized everywhere!) Anyone with or without knowledge about this fine farm equipment company knows that a John Deere tractor is one of the best around. Used John Deere tractors can’t be beat for quality, service and overall satisfaction. The company takes pride in it’s commitment for excellence and in its durable products. .

John Deere was a blacksmith by trade and he invented the very first steel plow over 170 years ago in the Midwest section of America. Soon he became a manufacturer of plows and other innovative farm equipment such as grain drills. About this time, the railroad was built and provided an excellent way for him to distribute his products out west as far as California. John Deere decides to become a retailer and starts to grow his business by adding sixteen employees. These employees worked together and produced plows that were initially called Deere, Tate and Gould. His very first plows sold for about $9.00, with high-end models going for a much as $23.00!

Up until 1858, John Deere’s company did quite well. However, the nation was going through some very tough economic times in 1858 and the company suffered along with many other businesses. John Deere stepped down as president of the company and management was passed along to Charles Deere, who continued to run the company until 1908. During the next decades, the John Deere Company faced some very difficult times because of competition from the Ford Motor Company and others. The great depression in the 1930’s certainly didn’t help either. But even during this time, the company continued to work on product development and added more innovative tractors to its line of farm products.

Today Deer & Company (as it’s now known) continues to lead the world in tractor sales and service. High quality used John Deere tractors are abundantly available and easy to find because they have been proven to last over time. It is definitely worth your while to go with the “green and Yellow” and buy a used John Deere today! .

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