What You Need To Know About Scrap Aluminum Prices

Scrap  metal  buyers  Sydney accept  all  kinds  of  metals,  ferrous,  non-ferrous  and  alloys,  but  the prices  vary  a  lot  based  on  the  current  market  trends and  the  availability  of  the metal.  Aluminum is one  of  the  more  popularly  available metals  and  is  also  readily  accepted  by  scrap  buyers  as  it can be recycled for great benefits. Aluminum can be found not just in aluminum wheels, but also in beverage  cans  and  old  wiring.  The  cost  though  varies  quite  a  bit  with  clean  aluminum  car  rims fetching around $0.84.

The relative price fetched by clean aluminum car price is far more than other forms. Scrap aluminum prices Sydney includes $0.78 for extruded aluminum and $0.65 for clip aluminum. Unclean aluminum  car  rims  fetch  almost  the  same  as  clip  aluminums  but considerably  less  than  what  the cleaner  version  will  fetch.  Irony  aluminum  fetches  a  very  low  price  almost  around  $0.18.  You  can also get a good price for clean auto radiators of aluminum, although even unclean versions can get you a good price. The scrap metal buyers also accept old sheet and painted aluminum.

It  is  important  to  know  that  the  price  fetched  by  aluminum  wheels  is  different  based  on  whether there are valve stems, wheel weights and chrome plating or not. Painted sidings and aluminum with attached plastic or lead can also be sold but at a lower price. Sometimes aluminum radiators with all the plastic and steel removed can fetch a good price. Similarly, copper tubes with fins of aluminum can also be sold for a very decent price. Thus, with plenty of factors actually going into the sale and buying of scrap aluminum, it is a good idea to keep yourself updated about what is on offer from top recycling companies for all the aluminum that you have.

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