Winnebago’s New Class C View Motorhome for Cleaner RV Vacations

The new Class C View motor home from Winnebago is designed on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis including a new technology for clean diesel fuel emissions to provide greater mileage and a better performance. The interior features of this motor home are also quite user friendly. The exterior length of this model is 24’6”, while the exterior width is 7’6”.

The exterior height of this motor home ranges from 10’11” to 10’6”, while the interior height ranges from 6’8” and 6’5”. The GVWR of this motor home comes to 15,250 pounds. You can choose between three different floor plan options in this model. According to Winnebago, this RV is designed to be fuel efficient as well as be adventurous and fun to ride in.

This motor home model also boasts of many user friendly features like the swiveling front cab seats which become a part of the living area when they are parked, to the premium roller shades which you will normally come across only in luxury motorized RV’s for privacy. This motor home has a lot of innovative features packed into well planned layouts.

The compartment located above the operator has a lot of room for another sleeper. However, you can always opt for the entertainment center instead of the bunk arrangement. The interior features include an overhead bunk located in the front with a ladder as well as a privacy curtain, or the optional overhead entertainment which features a 32” LCD TV and more storage space.

There is also an interior upgrade package which you could opt for. This package includes a galley backsplash, a removable carpet in the cab area, a refrigerator which has inserts of stainless steel façade, a wooden cover for the sink, a throw pillow for the sofa as well as two blackout/ solar MCD American Duo roller shades.

The View Profile floor plan includes features like a front cap low profile styling, a sofa sleeper from Comfort, a slide out room for the bedroom featuring a queen sized bed.

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