Yanmar Machine – No Tail, Highly Maneuverable

Yanmar B50WE8 is form the B series of Yanmar Machine. The B denotes the Sigma. The B-Sigma is ideally designed for sites with low maneuverable space, for urban and areas with lots of obstacles.

The design is trail free and also doesn’t have a overhang on the front swing.

This enables Yanmar Machine to do a 360 degree within machines width.

The Manufacturers of Yanmar Machine was founded in 1912 and was also responsible for manufacturing first commercial small diesel engine in the year 1933.

The company serves with high quality machines to fishing, agriculture and construction industry.

Yanmar B50we8 is mini excavator equipment manufactured by Yanmar. Yanmar currently doesn’t manufacture the B50 excavator.

The standard bucket size on the excavator is of 55 cm and comes with variety bucket options available in the after market.

The Yanmar B50we8 mini is extremely compact and can easily move in low radius and in urban conditions.

At the back this Yanmar machine is installed with a Dozer truck that is extremely practical.

These mini excavators are highly capable even as old as 1998 model.

Yanmar Vio50-5 is again a compact track excavator with no tail which enables the trailer to work in urban like condition.

The excavator has large front windshield that enables the operator to see every thing in the path without bouncing on the seat. The windshield is accommodated with large electronic wipers.

Inside the cab, the instrument panel is kept simple and practical so that the operator can work efficiently. To make the operation fatigue free the cab has ventilation points.

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